Monday, July 19, 2010

Yellowstone Trip-Day 1

On Mother's Day my Dad gave may Mom a yellowstone necklace representing the trip that he wanted to take her on. Well when in all came out that he wanted it to be a family get together; we were thrilled. We then decided that we would go on a certain week in June (even though it meant cutting the trip short for us because Trevor had an IDLA conference). Things didn't work out for that week because of various reason, and we decided on the third week in June (we were sorry that this didn't work out for everyone, but you learn that you just can't please everyone's schedules). We made a menu for the trip, routes to take, prices were looked up and an itinerary was made. Then the trip began...

Our first meeting was all of the family from Emmett met in Mackay and stayed with my wonderful in-laws for one night. Then next day we drove to Rexburg were we met up with the Utah crew for a last minute grocery shopping trip. Then we headed to Island Park and our cabin.

While we were unpacking, Trevor was bringing in the last of the items from our van and turned around to see this moose just a few yards away. You can see how close it was to our cabin because the picture was taken from just inside the back door.

The inside of our cabin. It slept 14 people, had a hot tub, and no wi-fi.

Our activities for this day were to go to West Yellowstone and visit the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center. The kids were able to go into the bear area and hide food (while the bears were out). Then the bears were let in and they went around finding the food and eating what the children hid. We also went next door to the IMAX theater and watched a movie about Bears. It ended up being a very expensive nap for the majority of the family. After all of this adventure, we returned to the cabin for dinner and the kids got in the hot tub and the adults went to sleep.

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'T' said...

Yellowstone looked so fun. I'm jealous of your strawberries... Our raspberry and strawberry bushes are dead I believe. CUTE pictures of your three boys brushing their teeth. A good daddy is such a treasure.