Monday, July 19, 2010

Yellowstone Trip-Day 2

Welcome to Yellowstone National Park

Boiling Mud Pots

Old Faithful and surrounding areas. We walked until we couldn't walk anymore. We visited the visitor center, the Old Faithful Lodge, the Old Faithful Inn and walked some of the paths. We didn't get clear out to the Morning Glory pool, but a grizzly was spotted at the pool when we would have been out there so it probably worked out for the best.

Yellowstone Lake

The grizzly bear that we saw on the side of the road and all of the stupid people that got out of their vehicles and ran toward it for a picture. We were smart and stayed in our vehicles as we drove by.

The fishing bridge although you can't fish off of it anymore because of the endangered Yellowstone trout.

The Dragon's Mouth Cave and the smoking hot mamas.

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and the Falls.


Rita Peck said...

Great pictures. Looks like a lot of fun.

Deny, Jenn, Marek, and RyAnna said...

They had a lady from Utah on the news for Channel 6 news (Boise) that was attack by a Bison at Yellowstone. She thought that she could just get close to it and take a better picture on a video camera. The news people just said... Those animals are WILD! (With a look on their faces... like... stupid lady.) Guess some people think that the animals in Yellowstone think it is a petting zoo!