Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yellowstone Trip-Day 3

We decided to take the upper loop of Yellowstone on our second day in the park. We saw a herd of bison with quite a few calves. Our first stop was at the Norris Geyser Basin. We saw a lot of geysers, springs, hot pools and streams, alien landscape and smelled the stench that all make up Yellowstone.

A surprising secluded spot to take pictures. Yellowstone has a lot of tourists everywhere.

We saw another bear, this time a black bear with a cub. Once again this was taken as we drove by in the vehicle. The park ranger was screaming at people to get back, but it fell on defiant ears.

Mammoth Falls Area

This was an elk just sitting and watching the people walk by. There was a herd in the grass by one of the houses and people just kept walking close by them.

The Albright Visitor's Center and Old Fort Yellowstone. There are some amazing stone buildings in this area.

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Holly said...

Talvyn told us all about Yellowstone-sounds like a fun trip! I LOVE how that one guy is waving to the bears in the picture.
Thanks for letting Talvyn come play!