Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yellowstone Trip-Day 4

On our last day we packed up all of our stuff, loaded all the vehicles and headed for home. On our way home we decided to take a scenic byway and stop at Upper Mesa and Lower Mesa Falls and have a picnic lunch. We ate a lot of picnic lunches during this trip.

Upper Mesa Falls

Fun Family Pictures

The Mesa Fall Visitor Center

Lower Mesa Falls

The boys around a pile of scat--being boys.

Our final visit of the day was the Rexburg Temple.

By the end of it all we were exhausted. The boys loved playing in the cabin with their cousins and keep calling it "our cabin." Talvyn said that his favorite part of the trip was playing in the hot tub with all of his cousins. Over all we over planned and over packed but had a fun time being together and finding out our personality colors. We also learned a story from my dad's youth where he tried to touch a sleeping black bear. He prepared himself by giving his brother a loaded rifle and telling him that if the bear came after him then shoot. The bear woke up and ran the other way. He then realized that bears were fast and that he was fortunate that the bear ran away instead of toward him because the bear was so fast that there wouldn't have been any time for his brother to have gotten a shot off in time. Now we know why he kept thinking the people were so stupid standing on the roadside next to the bears. Personal experience does give us knowledge.

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Angie said...

That's a crazy story from your dad!