Saturday, August 21, 2010

That time again

It is that time of the year again where volleyball begins and typical life as we know it ends. Trevor is back at work and I start this next week. Talvyn will start kindergarten and is so excited (but a "little shy" too). The kids are getting used to spending more time with Grandma and earlier times to bed. Summer is over!

A Tale of Two Loves

Notice the initials carved into the truck? These were carved many years ago by two teenage best friends little knowing that they were carving prophecy. (DW) Darrec Williams married (TW) Tiniel Williams and (TW) Trevor Williams married (DW) Dana Williams. Coincidence...I don't think so.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Playing at Great Grandma Williams' House

Playing on the tree swing. Playing on the stairs.

Hide and go seek and playing upstairs.

Playing on her piano.
There are always things to do at Grandma's house.

(I didn't even post any of the farm picture because that will have to be saved for a later post.)

A Birthday Card

Talvyn got a cool birthday card from his primary teacher, Sister Carter. He really loves her. Daxtyn wanted to be in the picture holding something also.


Talvyn's 6th Birthday

Talvyn's 6th birthday consisted of family, nachos, cake and presents. As we sang "Happy Birthday" and Talvyn got ready to blow out his candles, he was beat by his little brother who leaned forward and blew them all out for him. Talvyn just laughed and we had to relight the candles so that Talvyn could actually blow them out.