Monday, September 27, 2010

Kindergarten and other short stories...

Talvyn has started kindergarten. He has been at it for a month now. His teacher is Mrs. Buck. He once stating that he hated her name, "Buck, who has a name like Buck." He also say that she was unorganzied because she couldn't find their papers. He really does like her and is learning a lot. He is just being his typical ho hum self. He also told me that the worst part of school is PE (I teach PE so this was a blow). I asked why and he said, "because we watch stupid videos." Personally, I would hate this kind of PE too.

On another note. I was giving Trevor a hard time last night about smiling (because I love it when he flashes his pearly whites--he looks hot). Talvyn, overhearing our teasing, jumps in front of me and flashes me a smile. I said thanks and he answered, "I know, I have an amazing smile."

Daxtyn has been ever increasing in his verbal skills. He now answers everything with an obedient "OK" or "mmm, hmm." He also loves to answer questions directed at Talvyn such as, How was your day Talvyn?" Daxtyn will answer, "good." Did you learn anything (Talvyn)? Daxtyn will answer again, "mmm, hmm."

Also, Trevor and I have watched quite a few Bollywood movies lately. There is a lot of signing and dancing in every single movie and exposed male chest. Talvyn came out the other morning with his shirt unbuttoned waving his arms side to side dancing. "You know what I am," he says, " I am a guy from one of those movies."