Monday, December 6, 2010

The Author

Talvyn has been writing little statements everywhere he can.  "I Love You Mom & Dad.  I see You.  I love TRON.  I see...  I like..." He loves being able to write real words and write us all notes.  He even went so far as to tell us all that he loved us using M&Ms.  I know that the heart and the U are not real words, but he really can write those words.  I think that he was just using his M&Ms wisely.

Grandpa Fuhrmann's Birthday

We held a little celebration for my dad for his 63rd birthday this year at our house.  We had a hot dog roast and salads.  It was fun to all get together.  Dina even made him a cheesecake.  It was yummy!  We also celebrated my mom's 60th birthday a few weeks later but that was done at her house and we didn't take any pictures.  We had a nacho bar and had fun just hanging out.  We love having family close and being able to be together.
Happy Birthdays Grandpa and Grandma Fuhrmann!

Our Clone Trooper

Talvyn was a Clone Trooper for his class Halloween party this year.  I told him to just grab something from his dress up drawer for Halloween.  He couldn't wear the helmet or take the gun to school, so we had to pose after he got home.  He really was partied out.  They had a lot of treats and came home with goody bags.

Halloween 2010

 Yes, we were a little unconventional this year but that is just our style.  We asked our kids if they wanted to go trick-or-treating and they said no.  So we made and ate caramel apples.  We first dipped them in caramel, then in chocolate, and then either rolled in nuts, coconut, crushed oreos, or mixed them.  We loved it!

A few of our favorite things...

~Daxtyn running around the house telling everyone to "ka..mere"  (come here).

~Daxtyn jumping around the house like a little bunny while getting serious air.  (This kid is going to have a serious vertical.)

~Talvyn getting his first report card and doing so well in school.

~Talvyn drawing a picture at school saying that our family likes to sit in front of the TV and watch Bollywood movies together.  (His teacher kept the picture.)

~Talvyn and Daxtyn loving/hating each other.  One minutes they are pushing and the very next minute they are hugging it out.  (I will never get the ways that boys play).

~Talvyn and Daxtyn are each others fiercest protectors.  If one of them gets into trouble (even if it was for being mean to the other one) the other one will immediately turn to their parents and tell them to stop being mean to the other brother.

~ Volleyball being over for a while.  I am mentally exhausted!