Monday, December 6, 2010

The Author

Talvyn has been writing little statements everywhere he can.  "I Love You Mom & Dad.  I see You.  I love TRON.  I see...  I like..." He loves being able to write real words and write us all notes.  He even went so far as to tell us all that he loved us using M&Ms.  I know that the heart and the U are not real words, but he really can write those words.  I think that he was just using his M&Ms wisely.


'T' said...

OH fun updates! Your garage looks great. Cute decor and everything. What a smart idea to use it to party! Tal a true author like his daddy. Daxtyn a little cutie patoot. Misses. Someday I'll send the hubby to your house ;) Shoot me some dates and we'll figure it out. Hope you got your bloggie book figured out too. T ♥

Rita Peck said...

Like father like son. love your halloween. need to suggest that to my kids

Holly said...

I want some M&Ms! I love the idea of doing something less conventional for Halloween, the caramel apples look yummy! And I compleley understand about the way boys play, I keep telling Jeff we just need a padded basement so they can be wild and crazy :) and I would love to do projects with you!