Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Bollywood Night

I have a friend from Sri Lanka.  She invited me and a couple other Bollywood fans to her house to have a Bollywood party.  She made a wonderful authentic Indian meal and then we watched my favorite Bollywood movie Om Shanti Om.  It was so fun to get together and have a girls night.

Take a Drive

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day and we had a day off from school.  We decided to go out to lunch and then we took a drive.  Our drive ended after we actually found the town of Ola.  Yes there is a quaint little town in our area called Ola and it has a one room school house (with solar panels) and a gorgeous little white church (I didn't take my camera, but got pictures from a lady that I work with at school that lives up there).  It was neat to see that a place like that still exists.  On our drive home Daxtyn vomited (oh what fun) and Talvyn stopped complaining (for once).  It was a nice peaceful day besides the talk that we had to have with Talvyn...

He told us that he hates people with dark skin.  We had to have a long talk about his choice and figure out the root causes.  It was a tough talk to have with a 6 year old.  We finally figured out that he just thinks that white skin is really pretty and he doesn't like dark skin color.  We still lectured on the importance of finding beauty on the inside.  I guess of all the days to have that talk with our child it was the right day to do it on.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Were you mad at me?

I didn't have to go to work until 12:00 on Wednesday because of our weird finals schedule at school.  I was hoping for a little sleep in time, but Trevor woke me up at 6:30 to get his lunch packed, give him his vitamins and make his meager breakfast.  I must have seemed a little upset because he kept apologizing for getting me up.  To which I am sure in my half sleep haze came out as a little like grunts and moans instead of NO, I am not mad at you.  Well I packed his lunch grabbing the leftover tupper wear in the fridge that was packed the night before for his lunch, added some other munchies and sent him on his way.  When he got home he again apologized for waking me up and asked if I was mad at him for it.  I told him that I really wasn't.  And then he told me about how I had packed him a bunch of lemon juice covered cut up apples for lunch, veggies, cheese and crackers.  I had accidentally grabbed the wrong tupper wear.  Needless to say he got a really healthy lunch and was really hungry by the time he got home...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A New Experience

I know this is not new to most people, but to me it was new.  I took Talvyn to school today.  I fed him breakfast, picked out clothes, fixed his hair, said prayers and dropped him off at the gate and watched him run toward the playground.  The best part was when he got half way there and turned and gave me a big smile with a huge wave goodbye.

Working moms just don't get to see this very often.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Skookie Mania!

We received a gift card to amazon.com for Christmas from Wrangler and Jesica, so we bought ourselves a pair of skookie pans.  These things are amazing and so good.  Large cookies, hot out of the oven with ice cream and toppings.  We are addicted!

Monday, January 10, 2011

10 Amazing Years

 The very young couple.

 Our very cold wedding day.  December 29, 2000.

I still think I made a good choice.  I know it is a little cliche, but I really did marry my absolute best friend.  What did we do for the special day?  We drove to Mackay, as we do every year for the annual Williams' get together.  Maybe for lucky number 11 we will have an actual date.

My Little Artists

The boys each got a set of watercolors in their stockings along with other art supplies.  They have been in heaven learning to watercolor and trace.  Talvyn loves to draw and Daxtyn loves to draw on himself.

Christmas Day 2010

 I love that my boys like their sleep.  We all woke up in the same bed around 8:30, got up and went to see what was under the tree.  We always start with the stockings.

 Daxtyn really wanted to play and not take pictures.  I thought that I wasn't going to be in this picture, but here I am sporting my new red heels and pajamas.
 Talvyn showing off his haul.
 Trevor and my Christmas gifts.
The boys playing on their new energy sucker.  Hopefully this will save the furniture and beds.  After the gifts and clean up we ate cinnamon rolls and drank orange juice.  We then got dressed and went to Grandma and Grandpa Fuhrmann's house for a Christmas feast.  We ate food and candy, worked on a puzzle, watched sports, and played.  It was a fun day.

Talvyn's School Party

Talvyn had a cool Christmas party at school this year.  He has some amazing room moms this year that put a lot of thought into the parties.  They made their own individual candy houses.  Talvyn even put his own gummy bear guards in front of his.  He also came home with loads of candy and other goodies from the party.  He made Trevor and I an ornament with a card for Christmas.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Eve

 My lovely sister is probably going to kill me for this one.  The avocado was really weird and I had to take a picture of it.  We were making giant sandwiches for Christmas Eve dinner.  We sat around together, made candy, worked on a puzzle and the boys opened pajamas at our house before we went to bed.


 On December 20th Grandma and Grandpa Williams came to the treasure valley to pick up Uncle Garett, Aunt Larissa, Braiden and Paxson (who flew in from Texas).  We all stayed with Uncle Wrangler and Aunt Jesica, since their home is large enough to accommodate the entire group that was going to be there.  We had a blastñ eating fondue, watching movies, talking, shopping, playing with cousins and meeting Paxson for the first time. 

I also have to make a side note that this was also the same time that the boys went and watched Tron.  Talvyn is absolutely obsessed.  He had been drawing Tron stuff for weeks before and listening to the soundtrack with Trevor.  He even wrote TRON on all of his school papers (with the N backwards most of the time).  He also drew little light cycles on most of them also.

 Daxtyn loved 'Baby Paxson.'
 Talvyn loved playing the Wii and playing with Braiden.
 Paxson and Daxtyn had a lot of fun on the stairs.  Daxtyn had a lot of fun chasing Pax around and giving him kisses.  Daxtyn loves babies.

Snow Man

Trevor stayed home with the kids while I attended an IDFY retreat.  They shoveled snow (this was our third time with snow this year) and build a snowman.  Of course, it was sunny and the snowman had toppled over by the afternoon. 

Look at how skinny I can get...

 A common occurrence around our house it Talvyn lifting up his shirt and showing us how skinny he can get.  It is a little disturbing how skinny he can make himself.
Of course, Daxtyn has to mimic.

Snow Day

About a week after our first snow, we got hammered with a snowstorm.  Talvyn and I got two snow days from school and Trevor got one.  It was fun to have a day together playing in the snow and drinking hot chocolate.  We made a snow fort and shoveled the driveway and sidewalk.  All in a nice 35-40 degree snowstorm.

First Snow

We had our first snow of the year in November.  It wasn't too thrilling as it soon melted.  It was nice to wake up to it on a Saturday morning and snuggle under an electric blanket and watch a movie together.

Laundry Day

 And that is how I feel about laundry too!

The Power of Being a Brother

Talvyn will say oooh gross to a meal and immediately Daxtyn will repeat the same thing.

Talvyn will say that he hates something and immediately Daxtyn will say that he hates the same thing.

One time Talvyn thought that it would be funny to end a prayer with B-men instead of Amen.  Now after every prayer Daxtyn will say B-men and laugh.  Talvyn then responds with "I shouldn't have taught him that."

Today while in the car Daxtyn looked at Talvyn, held up his finger and his thumb in the shape of an L on his forehead and said, "You a loser, Talvyn."   To which Talvyn once again said,"Ahh, I shouldn't have taught him that."

Talvyn is slowly learning that he has an important role as being the big brother.  His brother will do, try, and say anything that he does.  And that is doesn't always work in his favor.