Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Bollywood Night

I have a friend from Sri Lanka.  She invited me and a couple other Bollywood fans to her house to have a Bollywood party.  She made a wonderful authentic Indian meal and then we watched my favorite Bollywood movie Om Shanti Om.  It was so fun to get together and have a girls night.

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'T' said...

sweet! i had to give an oral report of music from sri lanka in college. there i am sitting at the computer lab trying to find things, and this girl comes up to me acting interested. come to find out she is from sri lanka! she invited me to her apartment and answered every question about sri lankan music i had! sweet! i think everyone should have a sri lankan friend ;) ahhh... having 'talks' with your kids about 'things' is so hard sometimes. good thing he has such super parents, he'll be a super star himself, no doubt. still hoping to get the husbands together some weekend. (when?) ♥t