Saturday, January 8, 2011


 On December 20th Grandma and Grandpa Williams came to the treasure valley to pick up Uncle Garett, Aunt Larissa, Braiden and Paxson (who flew in from Texas).  We all stayed with Uncle Wrangler and Aunt Jesica, since their home is large enough to accommodate the entire group that was going to be there.  We had a blastñ eating fondue, watching movies, talking, shopping, playing with cousins and meeting Paxson for the first time. 

I also have to make a side note that this was also the same time that the boys went and watched Tron.  Talvyn is absolutely obsessed.  He had been drawing Tron stuff for weeks before and listening to the soundtrack with Trevor.  He even wrote TRON on all of his school papers (with the N backwards most of the time).  He also drew little light cycles on most of them also.

 Daxtyn loved 'Baby Paxson.'
 Talvyn loved playing the Wii and playing with Braiden.
 Paxson and Daxtyn had a lot of fun on the stairs.  Daxtyn had a lot of fun chasing Pax around and giving him kisses.  Daxtyn loves babies.

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