Sunday, February 27, 2011

Club Volleyball

I started my club volleyball season last week.  We are in full swing.  Our first tournament was on Saturday.  We were there at 7:30 and didn't finish until 5:00.  It makes for a long day in the gym and the girls were exhausted by the end.  I got home at about 6:30 just in time to crash on the couch for the next 24 hours with a fever.  It has been an exciting weekend.

February Date

For Valentines Day I enrolled Trevor into the exclusive date of the month club.  For this month's date I planned a "you, me and sushi date."  We went to the state basketball 2A championship game and watched as Grangeville took another state title.  We then went and ate sushi.  It was really good.  Trevor had an IOU roll and I had a Las Vegas roll.  Trevor's was amazing and mine was good until the last bite and then I had to choke down that raw salmon.  I would like to go back and try some different things, but that will have to wait for another date.  After the date Talvyn took this picture of us.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


We made dioramas the other day together.  Talvyn did his all on his own.  He made 'the grid' so that he could play TRON in it.  Daxtyn had lots of help making his nature scene.

Friday, February 25, 2011

100 Days of School

Talvyn had a great day on the 100th day of school.  It was the 12th of February.  He had just lost his tooth the Tuesday before.  He also, came home with a raging fever that lasted for four days as noted by the red cheeks and fevered eyes.  We are so glad that he is better now.

A Rare Find

I know that he is a rare find, but what is even rarer is to find a picture with him in it and with him smiling.  I love it and I love him!

Valentines Day

This year was a little anti-climatic compared to last years Valentines Day.  I enrolled Trevor into his very own date of the month club.  He gets a planned out day for every month for one year.  It also had some membership awards inside (kindle downloads, back scratched, desserts, etc.).  He gave me a blog book (he downloaded my blog and put it into book form) and a give certificate with a cute card written in Spanish.  We got the boys some little candies and Trevor just couldn't hold back and got them each a Tron toy.  Talvyn and Daxtyn got some goodies from both sets of Grandparents.

Talvyn warned me that if I didn't get him anything for Valentines Day then he was going to make me have a bad hair day.  I asked how and he responded that he would dump water, kool-aid, soap, and hand sanitizer on my head and mix it all up.  Rotten kid, he later felt very guilty for that comment and apologized thus the chocolate rose (a day later because he told Grandma the whole tale of what he did and that he didn't get me anything.)

First Lost Tooth

This was a traumatic experience in our home.  Talvyn was in 'pain' all day.  I worked on wiggling it and Trevor finally just pulled it.  It did not go without tears.  The best part was after it was all over, Talvyn announced,"I do not want to go to school tomorrow looking like this."  Our vain little man.

Top Dog

Talvyn earned the Top Dog award for January.

My Posers

I keep hearing "Mommy, take my picture!"  These are some of the things that I get to take pictures of.

A Nice Surprise!

Trevor brought me home a dozen red roses and diamonds (diamond tipped tweezers that is).  He just randomly did this a few weeks ago.  It was a nice surprise.

MMMM! Cookie Dough

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Recently Daxtyn has been going around saying, "I a elf."  I asked him why he was an elf?  He replied that Daddy was an elf and they both had pointy ears.  I suppose his cousins belief that they are elves has finally rubbed off on him.

Monday, February 21, 2011

My Hobbit

Yesterday Talvyn looked at me and said, "I need second breakfast!"

I looked at him and asked, "what do you think you are a hobbit or something?"

He just giggled.  I guess Trevor is training our kid in the ways of J.R.R. Tolkien early.  He let Talvyn watch The Fellowship of the Ring with him last weekend while they were sick.