Friday, February 25, 2011

Valentines Day

This year was a little anti-climatic compared to last years Valentines Day.  I enrolled Trevor into his very own date of the month club.  He gets a planned out day for every month for one year.  It also had some membership awards inside (kindle downloads, back scratched, desserts, etc.).  He gave me a blog book (he downloaded my blog and put it into book form) and a give certificate with a cute card written in Spanish.  We got the boys some little candies and Trevor just couldn't hold back and got them each a Tron toy.  Talvyn and Daxtyn got some goodies from both sets of Grandparents.

Talvyn warned me that if I didn't get him anything for Valentines Day then he was going to make me have a bad hair day.  I asked how and he responded that he would dump water, kool-aid, soap, and hand sanitizer on my head and mix it all up.  Rotten kid, he later felt very guilty for that comment and apologized thus the chocolate rose (a day later because he told Grandma the whole tale of what he did and that he didn't get me anything.)

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