Tuesday, March 1, 2011


#1 "Mom, do you know that by turning this handle I can transport to any time I wanted."

#2 After reading a section where Percy Jackson notices that the Gods really neglect and ignore their children he says, "You do that!"

Me, "What?"

Talvyn, "You ignore me.  When you are talking to daddy you don't listen to a single word that I say."

Me, "I am not ignoring you.  We are just trying to teach you that it is impolite to interrupt."

Talvyn, "I think that I already got that lesson!"

#3 While I was cleaning out my hallway closet today Talvyn got into my make-up.  It seemed very harmless.  He got out my bronzer brush and started spreading it all over his visible skin.  When he was finished he jumped under the light and slowly started turning his body to and fro and said, "Yes, now I look like Edward!"


'T' said...

I'm pretty sure he'll be the next Brain Regan. Can you major in 'stand up comic' in college?

The Sayer Family said...

Good thing that you are keeping track of all the funny things he says on here! Love reading them!

Holly said...

You must be constantly laughing with that kid around-I love the Edward comment!