Monday, May 16, 2011

Where do babies come from?

Oh, the dreaded question happened this spring...

One day Talvyn got angry and in his anger yelled, "and we are never going to have another baby because you won't go to the hospital and get one!" (I guess he wants another to me.)  I began laughing and said that is not how you get a baby.  He asked how and I gave a vague answer about how mommy has to have one in her tummy and then you go to the hospital to have it removed.  We left it at that for that day.

A few days later Talvyn walks up to me and says how do you get a baby in there?  I gave him a very complicated answer stating that it is a sacred power given by Heavenly Father that only mommy's and daddy's should use together and that together they can create a baby.  He seemed to like that answer and went on his way.  I was really excited that I was putting off the details for a little while longer.

About a week after that we were on vacation in Utah (spring break) and we were sharing a room with our kids.  Talvyn crawls in bed with Trevor and says, "what are the words?"  Trevor very confused says, "what words?"  Talvyn says, "you know the words to make a baby."  Trevor was lost, but I began laughing because I knew that Talvyn thought it was a spell given to us by Heavenly Father.

We had to finally have the real talk!


'T' said...

Darrec and I are sitting here rolling... at both your boys... Too too cute.

Rita Peck said...

that is hilarious. My kids are content with mommy and daddy make babies and you have to be married to have them. Though Tyson really is old enough for the talk....let me know how yours goes.