Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Daxtyn Turns Three

This poor little man gets ignored on his birthday because it is always during the last week of school.  This year it was on the very last day of school, three days after Trevor had to speak at graduation and the day after Grandma Williams passed away.  My parents were out of town at a funeral for my cousin's baby boy who tragically died of SIDS, so we kept the birthday low-key.  We went to McDonald's for dinner, watched Kung Fu Panda 2 with Wrangler and Jesica, bought a mini cake from Wal-Mart, came home, celebrated with cake and uncovered the presents (no wrapping for us lazy folk).  The next day we went out of town for the funeral.

He loved Kung Fu Panda and wants to watch it again and loved his cake, so much so that on Father's Day he went around telling everyone that Talvyn stole his cake and ate it. (Talvyn got to share the last piece of cake with Dax and he just didn't want to share.  Daxtyn also holds a grudge)

Kindergarten Graduation!

Talvyn had a mini graduation at school.  I had to work and told him that I would be late, but that I would get there.  When I arrived the graduation was over, but Talvyn came up to me and said, "You are earlier than I thought.  You didn't really miss anything they gave out a certificate and some stuff to everyone, but now we get to go outside and play."  I guess I got there for the best part: the games and partying.

Roaring Reader

Talvyn earned a free pass to Roaring Springs for reading over 600 minutes in a month.  Parents could read aloud to their children to gain this award.  We will just say that Mommy's voice was quite sore for a few weeks.


We finally saw Wicked May 7, oops May 13!  I had been waiting for years to see this and bought my tickets in months before the show.  Well needless to say my tickets never came and most seats were sold out.  I cried and after a few months of calling and stating my claims to deaf ears and contacting the Better Business Bureau I finally have received all of my money back this week (7 weeks later).  Trevor, being the kind husband that he is got me tickets for a different showing (more expensive than planned) and we finally saw it.  As sweet little Andrea says, "It was epic!"  I loved every minute besides the hassle of no tickets and getting my refund much later than promised.

Talvyn's Music Recital

Talvyn had a music recital at school (in May).  He looked absolutely thrilled (thick sarcasm)!  He sang a long song about being a shoemaker and something about a bunny.  You know real manly things!

Trevor had a Birthday!

Trevor turned 37 this year (in April).  Instead of cake,  I again had to come up with some sort of birthday treat made out of Trevor's favorite Hostess.  This year it was "Bleeding Love" (raspberries and chocolate zingers cut into hearts).