Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cars 2 & Green Lantern

We took the boys to see Green Lantern.  I know PG-13.  We went onto the parental rating thing and deemed it OK.  There was one cover the eyes part.  We went through three buckets of popcorn and the boys loved it.  All three four: we had Drew!

A few days later we went to the Emmett theater and watched Cars 2 on opening night.  We liked it, but didn't love it.  Talvyn was completely disappointed because of all of the killing of the cars.  He thinks that we shouldn't buy that one because it was an inappropriate show.  I think that he was just a little bit disappointed because it wasn't what he expected.  Daxtyn on the other hand, has watched three movies in the theater this summer and wishes that he could go everyday.  He loves movie theaters!


'T' said...

I love to read updates on your bloggie. I love your hair, tons. Heston's new house is beautiful, and I love the orange as a wedding color. We sure had fun having you guys and will look forward to seeing you this month. Will the end of July still work? Let us know. xx

Rita Peck said...

Fun to catch up on your blog. What a busy summer for you guys