Sunday, August 28, 2011

First day of school

Talvyn started his first day of 1st grade last Thursday.  First time at school all day.  First time eating hot lunch (corn dogs- his favorite).  First day with Mrs. Browne.  First day with stupid playground rules (he can't play with 4th graders on the playground, in other words, Drew).

Trevor had his first day on the 12th of August.  It is going well.

I started on the 22nd.  I have no lockers, no locker room, no computer, no air conditioning in 102 degree weather and no office until October.  It is shaping up to be an exciting year.  I also get benefits and 5/7 of a full time contracts.  I love change and all of the growth and challenge that comes with it.


'T' said...

happy back to school. fun to start a brett williams family reunion tradition. we sure look forward to ours each summer. you and trevor look great in your king and queen attire. i'm glad i was able to help a 'little' in helping you meet him, so you can have your happily ever after :0)! i don't think i've had much luck in the match-making business since.

Rita Peck said...

what fun catching up on you guys. good luck this year. don't know how you do it all. psych is one of our favorites too. love the tramp.