Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's Always Fun When...

...Grandpa comes!  If he saws then we saw.  If he hammers then we hammer.  Grandpa helps us do lots of projects.  This summer we painted the shed and put soffit board on our porch and then painted that.  

We also painted the bathroom, put in a new cool toilet (if a toilet can be cool then this one is), redecorated the bathroom, put a loft bed in the boys room for Talvyn and reorganized, rearranged the living room, rehung pictures throughout the house, rearranged the master bedroom and closet and got a new to us table and painted the top black.  It was a busy summer, but well worth it!  Thanks Grandma for sharing Grandpa with us and thanks to Grandpa for all of the help.  We love you!  Thanks Wrangler for the toilet removal and the cool addition!

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'T' said...

wow lots of hard work!