Sunday, November 6, 2011

Athlete of the Month

Talvyn has been selected as September Athlete of the Month.  Every month a student from each grade level is selected as Athlete of the Month for their excellent participation, effort, and awesome attitude.  Talvyn is always on task and respectful to others,  He follows directions and pays attention to details.  Most importantly he is always in good spirits and displays a positive attitude.

Congratulations Talvyn!

Mr. Newberry

PE Teacher

He is our little builder and adventure finder.  We our proud of you!

In my spare time...

I bought peaches one Saturday because it was my only day off that month (in September).  I never got around to canning peaches that day.  I thought that Monday (with Trevor in AZ at a conference) would be a great day, but when I went to pick up the boys, Talvyn had to go to the emergency room because of a possible broken hand (it wasn't ).  The peaches sat in my refrigerator slowing one by one getting gobbled up by me.  Then one day after practice my lovely sister in law (Jesica) came over after both of our practices and we got them done.  It was hard to find the time, but we finally did it.

A picnic at the park

In September our kids were having a hard time being away from us.  Trevor and I had gone back to work after being together 24/7 all summer.  Talvyn was beginning to feel unloved.  We decided to go for  a picnic at Wild Rose Park on a Sunday afternoon.  We played frisbee and had an enjoyable day.

I've got a loose tooth...

Talvyn has been loosing teeth like crazy.  He is working on his 6th one right now.  He hates that he can't eat apples!  With all of the new incoming teeth we can tell that the expense of braces is in our future.