Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day!

 Christmas Eve was spent with Dina, Daesha and Drew.  We ate soup and rolls and pineapple.  We exchanged presents, played Just Dance 3 and had an enjoyable time.  We went to bed late from the excitement and the boys wore their new superhero pajamas to bed.
 Daxtyn sitting in front of his presents.
 Talvyn sitting in front of his presents.
 Talvyn putting his new pencils and drawing paper to use as we were getting ready for church.
 Daxtyn and I playing with our new pet. Pup is the newest edition to our family.
 We put together Legos.
 Daxtyn took pictures with his new camera.
Talvyn put more Legos together.  We had such an enjoyable, relaxing day.  We went to church for an hour, opened presents and ate a delicious meal.

Volleyball 2011

 I was named District 3 4A Coach of the Year.  I got to coach the senior all-star team and had to give a speech at an awards banquet.  As always my biggest fans were there for support.

Gingerbread Houses

Talvyn's class was able to make gingerbread houses the week before Christmas break.  He did an amazing job and even though I was there to help his group he didn't ask for help until it was time to put the initials on (because he wanted to use my chocolate frosting and I wasn't letting the kids touch my frosting bag).  The next day was his class Christmas party.  They made fingerprint reindeer art, frosted a Santa cookie, played "Don't Eat Pete," made reindeer food and ate treats.  The room mom for Talvyn's class is superwoman.  She does an amazing job (she was a teacher also, but gets to stay home with her three kiddos now).  I want Talvyn to be in her daughter's class all the way through school.

Homework Time

 consists of demanding parents that force it to get done....
and very grumpy faces from all (usually yelling and sometimes tears also)


We were able to go to Darlington for Thanksgiving this year.  We had a delicious meal and had fun visiting.  The boys were able to heard sheep one day and cows another.  It was a great visit!

Lunch date

There was an odd day in November where I got the day off, but Talvyn had to go to school.  Daxtyn and I packed some lunches and met Talvyn at school for lunch.  It was a great day and Daxtyn loved eating with all the little kids.

We love to watercolor!

 Talvyn has been focusing on symmetry.  He painted one side and then folded the paper in half to make the full tree.
 Talv was teaching Dax how to paint people.  Dax's came out as circles.
Talvyn drew the trains in crayon and then Daxtyn painted over the top.  He loved finding his hidden pictures of trains.

What to do when you get bored at home...

 Build a large fort using blankets, pillows, chairs and any other furniture piece that you can.
 Crawl inside and take weird pictures of stuffed animals.
 Turn the camera around and take many pictures of yourself.  Hopefully your mother will delete the rest.
 Go to your room and take more pictures of yourself and as many objects as you can.
 Go outside and find leaves.  Steal a pair of your mothers disposable gloves and cut off the fingertips making them really cool.
Do a little letter art on the table, but don't forget to take pictures of it when you are done.

Things I have made at school

 My own little monster man, complete with grass hair that I grew myself.
 A turkey headband for thanksgiving.  There was also a beaded necklace that went along with this.  Poor kid was taken out of school 30 minutes early on this party day for a dentist appointment.  At least there weren't any cavities.
Retelling stories in my own words and illustrating it.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Goodbye Fall

We had a long Fall this year.  The weather held off long enough for me to finish volleyball season (Nov. 7) and then have a week to work in the yard prepping it for winter.  This was my final farewell to the yard this year in the middle of November.

My boys have been busy doing...

Talvyn has been doing lots of things lately that are pretty impressive.  We got a call from his teacher stating that he is doing well in math and that one day he figured out a neat way to do a story problem in class.  She thought it was clever enough that she had him explain it to his entire class.  Then he got to go to other classrooms and explain it to them.  He is reading a ton and really loves reading signs or anything that is in his path.  He has been drawing anything that he can come up with and has begun to get books out to look at while he draws.  He loves comic books, superheroes and video games for his artistic inspiration.  He also loves chess and checkers.  He loves seeing what lies ahead and figuring out how to beat people.  He loves playing video games and writing notes to people.  He also still loves building legos.

Daxtyn has been his happy little self.  He has to have the color blue for everything.  He is still refusing to use the toilet for potty.  He doesn't mind peeing just potty which has its own little horror stories to go along with it.  He loves trains and watching movies.  He loves to be read to and likes it when Talvyn reads to him for homework.  He loves to play make believe and is always someone or something else rather than Daxtyn.  He loves picking out letters from everywhere and has begun to pick up on some of Talvyn's easier homework.  He likes to do anything that his older brother is doing, but gets bored at watching video games.  He likes to draw on the IPod or IPad and really doesn't like to share.  He also loves to help out in the kitchen and will argue that some things are his "job" and that I shouldn't be doing them (like stirring on the stove).

Halloween 2011

This year we did no trick or treating (once again my children chose to do something else).  We stayed indoors, dressed up as superheros and ate doughnuts with hot chocolate.  It was a blast. We were all from the DC universe this year; Green Lantern, modest Star Saphire, Batman and Superman.

State Volleyball

 This fall we took a long yellow bus ride to Northern Idaho for the state volleyball tournament.  We stopped to eat in Grangeville.  While there Trevor took the boys to visit some of our old stomping grounds.

 Palenque, my favorite Mexican food restaurant.  I did get to fill up on Arroz con Pollo (which is a decadent version of rice and chicken with mushrooms, spicy sauce, roasted tomatoes, and cheese).
Our old little rental house.  It has gained a lot of garish detail in the past six years.

 Good old Grangeville High School, home of the Bulldogs and first place to give us jobs.
 Then we headed further north to our hotel room.  The boys loved it and love staying in hotels.
 To a lake side playground and park for a little downtime after a huge win against Rigby.

And a bit of playing volleyball and visiting family and old friends took place also.  It was a great weekend, but we were just a few points shy of that third place trophy.