Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day!

 Christmas Eve was spent with Dina, Daesha and Drew.  We ate soup and rolls and pineapple.  We exchanged presents, played Just Dance 3 and had an enjoyable time.  We went to bed late from the excitement and the boys wore their new superhero pajamas to bed.
 Daxtyn sitting in front of his presents.
 Talvyn sitting in front of his presents.
 Talvyn putting his new pencils and drawing paper to use as we were getting ready for church.
 Daxtyn and I playing with our new pet. Pup is the newest edition to our family.
 We put together Legos.
 Daxtyn took pictures with his new camera.
Talvyn put more Legos together.  We had such an enjoyable, relaxing day.  We went to church for an hour, opened presents and ate a delicious meal.


'T' said...

scream! love that double decker bus.

'T' said...

actually, i think it's a triple decker, hu?

Rita Peck said...

Looks like a great christmas. You guys sure have been busy.