Monday, December 26, 2011

My boys have been busy doing...

Talvyn has been doing lots of things lately that are pretty impressive.  We got a call from his teacher stating that he is doing well in math and that one day he figured out a neat way to do a story problem in class.  She thought it was clever enough that she had him explain it to his entire class.  Then he got to go to other classrooms and explain it to them.  He is reading a ton and really loves reading signs or anything that is in his path.  He has been drawing anything that he can come up with and has begun to get books out to look at while he draws.  He loves comic books, superheroes and video games for his artistic inspiration.  He also loves chess and checkers.  He loves seeing what lies ahead and figuring out how to beat people.  He loves playing video games and writing notes to people.  He also still loves building legos.

Daxtyn has been his happy little self.  He has to have the color blue for everything.  He is still refusing to use the toilet for potty.  He doesn't mind peeing just potty which has its own little horror stories to go along with it.  He loves trains and watching movies.  He loves to be read to and likes it when Talvyn reads to him for homework.  He loves to play make believe and is always someone or something else rather than Daxtyn.  He loves picking out letters from everywhere and has begun to pick up on some of Talvyn's easier homework.  He likes to do anything that his older brother is doing, but gets bored at watching video games.  He likes to draw on the IPod or IPad and really doesn't like to share.  He also loves to help out in the kitchen and will argue that some things are his "job" and that I shouldn't be doing them (like stirring on the stove).

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