Monday, December 26, 2011

State Volleyball

 This fall we took a long yellow bus ride to Northern Idaho for the state volleyball tournament.  We stopped to eat in Grangeville.  While there Trevor took the boys to visit some of our old stomping grounds.

 Palenque, my favorite Mexican food restaurant.  I did get to fill up on Arroz con Pollo (which is a decadent version of rice and chicken with mushrooms, spicy sauce, roasted tomatoes, and cheese).
Our old little rental house.  It has gained a lot of garish detail in the past six years.

 Good old Grangeville High School, home of the Bulldogs and first place to give us jobs.
 Then we headed further north to our hotel room.  The boys loved it and love staying in hotels.
 To a lake side playground and park for a little downtime after a huge win against Rigby.

And a bit of playing volleyball and visiting family and old friends took place also.  It was a great weekend, but we were just a few points shy of that third place trophy.

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