Sunday, January 29, 2012

Even in Boise...

They are occupying!  It seemed more real when I saw it so close to home.

11 Years of Marriage

 We celebrated 11 years of marriage on the 29th of December.  We went on a great date.  We started out by dropping off our munchkins at Grandma's (Thanks Grandma) and then went to an Indian Buffet.  I really liked the Paal, Coconut Chutney and Mushroom Marsala.  We tried many different things but those were my favorites.  We then went to Barnes and Noble for a Bookstore date.

We went to the joke section and each had to find a joke to share with each other.  I found a Farside joke about kidney stones because that was an ailment that brought us together.  Trevor found a joke about a 4 year old pooping in the toilet.  It was funny because of all of our problems with out three year old and toilets.

We had to find a book that we remembered from childhood and read them to each other.

We had to go to the cooking section and find a recipe that we would want our spouse to make for us.

We also found poems that we thought fit each other, but didn't  take a picture of that one.  We also were supposed to find a quiz to take together from a magazine which was a total bust because there were too many people in that section and I was not about to go where there were that many people and look through a magazine that would make me blush!  We ended the date by staying at a hotel and reminised about all of our years together.  Each one had been a blast and we look forward to many more!