Sunday, February 26, 2012

Funny Little Boy

After watching a movie, The Spy Next Door, Daxtyn says, "I hate Russians."  (This caused a little teaching moment from mom and dad.)

About washing is hands after going to the bathroom he says, "I don't need to; I didn't touch my penis!"

"Why did Jesus make you a girl, mommy?"

After my new hair cut, I had it pulled up.  Dax says, "I don't like it.  You look like a boy with short hair!  Girls need long hair."

After crawling into bed with me, Dax reached over to hug me.  His little hand encountered a nice squishy breast to which he said, "Why you're belly so fat, mommy?"  (Once again another teaching moment.)


'T' said...

let's see the new hair cut!

DeAnna said...

What a cutie! I like the new blog look.

Rita Peck said...

funnt kids. Happy Anniversary. Apparently I haven't gotten on here in a while. Time sure flies