Saturday, April 14, 2012

A funny thing from today...

I hate this house.
I hate my parents.
I hate this food.
I hate this shirt.
I hate Talvyn.
I hate naps.

Nap time......

Wakes up.  Smiles.  Sits upright.  First words out of his mouth, "I love this!"

Sometimes all we need is a little rest to change our opinions of everything.

Winter Happenings

 Building Towers and playing together.
Funny poses.

100 Days of School.  Talvyn would never eat 100 Sams (I am glad that he doesn't like cannibalism).  He also doesn't want 100 hearts because he doesn't like them.

 Talvyn loves painting.  He even showed his classmates that you can mix colors to create new colors besides the basic color wheel.  He made gray and lilac and some browns and then painted his own picture.
 Batman and Robin were protecting our house.
 Making umbrellas.  I thought they were fans, but I stand corrected.  He also has a little of freaky Trevor in him as you notice the skull handle.
After a year of no naps, Daxtyn has returned to taking naps again.  he has fallen asleep in some pretty weird places.  Right before I took this picture his chin was resting on his hands that were balled up into fists and his head was upright.

Valentines Day 2012

Daxtyn and Talvyn got some treats from us and from both sets of Grandparents.  Then they got to go on a date with Mommy and Daddy.
I made Trevor a card for 10 days leading up to Valentines Day.  The theme was the 10 things that Happily Married Couples do (of course, we do them) and I fit a treat into each day.  We had a giant couples date in our garage on one of the nights.  I also got him an Amazon gift card.  Trevor surprised me with a song....

My Favorite Things (thanks Sound of Music for the tune)

Cheesy romances and digital downloads
Crisp bean burritos and cheese cake a la modes
The joy peanut butter and chocolate brings
These are a few of my favorite things!

Fancy new outfits and a husband that cooks
Papering for feet and reading good books
Going out on sweet dates-treated like kings
These are a few of my favorite things!

When the house's trashed, when alarms miss rings
When the kids don't mind,
I simply remember
My favorite things
And then I don't feel the grind.

(He pulled out treats, coupons, etc. during the song as they went with the tune.  We also went on a date that night with the kids.  Crisp bean burritos from Taco Time and Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory, doesn't get much better than that.)

Meager Snowmen.

We had the most pleasant winter.  There was hardly any snow, but when it quickly came for a few hours one day the boys took advantage and made a couple of snowmen.  They worked without snow clothing on because it was warm.  Daxtyn was the first to come in because his shoes and socks were so wet from the melting slush.

Science Experiment

Talvyn did a science experiment with optical illusions.  He received a perfect score.  He even took thirty minutes and presented his illusions to his class and taught them about optical illusions.

Christmas Art Wall

I know it took me a while to load pictures, bet we really did do things this winter.  Like art!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Funny things lately....

After searching for Daxtyn's lost water bottle for a day, he came up to Trevor matter of factly and said,"it's gone. We had a thief. Someone from Mexico came and stole it."

After seeing a girl a little unmodestly dressed on a movie, Daxtyn turned to me with huge eyes and said, "Mom, I can see her boobs!"

After practicing and practicing for a talk in primary, Daxtyn walked to the front of the room and held his mouth shut. His older brother came to the rescue and gave the talk while Daxtyn stared at the audience smiling and nodding as if to say, "yep that is my talk."