Saturday, April 14, 2012

Winter Happenings

 Building Towers and playing together.
Funny poses.

100 Days of School.  Talvyn would never eat 100 Sams (I am glad that he doesn't like cannibalism).  He also doesn't want 100 hearts because he doesn't like them.

 Talvyn loves painting.  He even showed his classmates that you can mix colors to create new colors besides the basic color wheel.  He made gray and lilac and some browns and then painted his own picture.
 Batman and Robin were protecting our house.
 Making umbrellas.  I thought they were fans, but I stand corrected.  He also has a little of freaky Trevor in him as you notice the skull handle.
After a year of no naps, Daxtyn has returned to taking naps again.  he has fallen asleep in some pretty weird places.  Right before I took this picture his chin was resting on his hands that were balled up into fists and his head was upright.

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