Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mother's Day

It began on Saturday with taking my own Mother out for a date with our family.  We went to Red Robin and to the Old Idaho State Penitentiary.  Then we went to a friend's baptism.

The next day:
Breakfast in Bed while wearing a tiara
Kindle Downloads
A book from Talvyn
Dinner with the in-laws

Talvyn's book said:
My mother taught me PE tricks.
My mother always READS!
My mother helps me to read which I don't like.
My mother always loves me.
My mother looks nice.
I love you Mom.
My mother is nice.
My mother goes crazy when I don't clean up.
Thank you, Mother for helping me.
My mother makes me laugh.
My mother thinks I am cute.
My mother's favorite food is lasagna (?????).
My mother is crazy over my Dad.
I so glad my mother is here.
I love you Mommy. Happy Mother's Day. XOXOXOXOOXXXOOOOOOOOOXXXXXX

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'T' said...

That poem made my day. You always do look nice, and I know you're crazy about Trevor. Love it. Excited for your Talvyn to turn 8, seems like he was just born??