Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Time Exercise

We try to go running at the track and shoot hoops at a local school.  The boys like running around and playing on the playground equipment.  Hopefully Trevor and I will notice some results.  It stinks, getting old.

Cherry Festival-Snow Cone

We had to stop by the cherry festival and get a snow cone.  We also got a bag of cotton candy to share. We didn't ride the rides.  We didn't go to the parade.  We didn't really get involved, but we saw some old neighbors from Grangeville.  One of their daughters was in my first primary class (Sunbeams) and now she is a beautiful high schooler.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rainy Summer Days

 What do you do on rainy summer days?  Built the ultimate train track.
Build a robot (block guy) and have him stand as sentinel at your door.

Clean your room.  Reorganize you room after mom and dad clean out half of your toys.

Go through all of the clothes that you and your brother have outgrown.

Read lots of books.

Play with cousins.

Go to the library.

Do some science experiments.

It has been a fun week!

Nature Center Visit

We grabbed some friends (the Madsens) and headed to the MK Nature Center.  We actually saw a deer about 10 feet from us.  It just kept on eating.  We saw a sturgeon that was at least 5 feet long.  We had a picnic, played at the park and ate dipped cones from Fanci Freeze (coconut dipped, peanut butter chocolate dipped, over 20 flavors to choose from).

Daxtyn Turns Four

He wanted a snake really bad, ,so we got him a snake and a couple of movies.  Trevor was really sick on his birthday, which was a Sunday.  The boys and I went to church and he picked out his CTR band from the Bishop and came home and opened presents.

The next day we invited people over for pizza, salad, cake and ice cream.  He wanted everyone to dress up as superheroes (not happening) and wanted a Captan America Shield cake.  He loves being four!

Daxtyn Drama

Daxtyn to Talvyn: "When you get baptized, I am telling Jesus that you are playing around!"

While pulling out a toy: "Say hello to my little friend."

When things are going his way:  "This is the best day ever."

When things are not going his way:  "I am having a bad day!"

Toward the TV show: "Well that was awkward."

At church time:  "I hate church."

Leaning into his primary teacher: "I am wearing underwear."  She cracked up and said back, "great, me too!"

Primary teacher: "our lesson is going to be on our bodies."
Daxtyn: "I know what those are....boobs!"
She was grateful that her son wasn't the only little boy obsessed with them.

Us for weeks: "Please poop on the toilet.  It will not hurt because you have been taking Miralax."
Daxtyn after weeks of pooping his pants out of fear finally goes on the toilet: "Mom, you were right it didn't hurt.  It was like cream."

He is my drama king, but I love him.

Spring Friend

The strawberry beds in the very early spring housed a little friend.  Yuck!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Talvyn's 1st grade recap

Talvyn just ended 1st grade and I thought that I would highlight a few of his accomplishments.  He began the year reading 8 words a minute and ended the year reading 88 words per minute. He loves math and really seems to excel in the subject.

He earned a PE award (recorded earlier on the blog).

He earned the Marvelous Musician Award in February for "showing active participation in Music" and being "a pleasure to have in class."

He was on the Wall of Fame.  His teacher wrote, "Talvyn- you amaze me.  You are a great thinker, kind to others, and enjoy learning.  Have fun eating pizza with Mr. Parks.  Love Mrs. Browne"

 He won a few passes...bowling, roaring springs, McDonalds,etc.

He was in the Three Piggy Opera on April 13.  He was the smart pig that built his house out of bricks.  He wasn't happy because he wanted to be the Big, Bad Wolf.  When that wasn't the option he threatened to dress up as Darth Vader just to make the play more interesting.  He came home and made piggy 'costumes' for me and Dax.

He went on a field trip to the Zoo.

He celebrated his summer birthday and took milk and cookies to school.

He loved his teacher.  This woman is amazing and inspired my child.  He enjoys learning.



This year we decided to keep Easter really simple to celebrate the truth of it.  We painted eggs on Saturday along with a couple of pictures.  On Sunday morning we had a Christ inspired scavenger hunt that lead us to Easter baskets.  We then went to my parents house for a yummy Easter dinner.