Sunday, June 10, 2012

Daxtyn Drama

Daxtyn to Talvyn: "When you get baptized, I am telling Jesus that you are playing around!"

While pulling out a toy: "Say hello to my little friend."

When things are going his way:  "This is the best day ever."

When things are not going his way:  "I am having a bad day!"

Toward the TV show: "Well that was awkward."

At church time:  "I hate church."

Leaning into his primary teacher: "I am wearing underwear."  She cracked up and said back, "great, me too!"

Primary teacher: "our lesson is going to be on our bodies."
Daxtyn: "I know what those are....boobs!"
She was grateful that her son wasn't the only little boy obsessed with them.

Us for weeks: "Please poop on the toilet.  It will not hurt because you have been taking Miralax."
Daxtyn after weeks of pooping his pants out of fear finally goes on the toilet: "Mom, you were right it didn't hurt.  It was like cream."

He is my drama king, but I love him.

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