Monday, June 4, 2012

Talvyn's 1st grade recap

Talvyn just ended 1st grade and I thought that I would highlight a few of his accomplishments.  He began the year reading 8 words a minute and ended the year reading 88 words per minute. He loves math and really seems to excel in the subject.

He earned a PE award (recorded earlier on the blog).

He earned the Marvelous Musician Award in February for "showing active participation in Music" and being "a pleasure to have in class."

He was on the Wall of Fame.  His teacher wrote, "Talvyn- you amaze me.  You are a great thinker, kind to others, and enjoy learning.  Have fun eating pizza with Mr. Parks.  Love Mrs. Browne"

 He won a few passes...bowling, roaring springs, McDonalds,etc.

He was in the Three Piggy Opera on April 13.  He was the smart pig that built his house out of bricks.  He wasn't happy because he wanted to be the Big, Bad Wolf.  When that wasn't the option he threatened to dress up as Darth Vader just to make the play more interesting.  He came home and made piggy 'costumes' for me and Dax.

He went on a field trip to the Zoo.

He celebrated his summer birthday and took milk and cookies to school.

He loved his teacher.  This woman is amazing and inspired my child.  He enjoys learning.

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