Sunday, July 1, 2012

Montana Trip- Day 1

On the first day of our trip to Montana I put on a setters camp in Cottonwood while the family poked around Grangeville, ate lunch in Grangeville, played outside the gym and went to the chapel/museum/nunnery in Cottonwood.  My boys saw a two headed pig (in a jar), an old television set, a carved ivory tusk, some oriental antiques, took a nature walk to Jesus and knelt at His statued feet and they saw a cemetery.  When they came into the gym they explored for ghosts, but according to Daxtyn in all seriousness "we didn't find any ghosts, vampires, frankenstines, or mummies but we found a closet with orange and white balls in it."

After the camp, we finished out drive to Montana.  We saw the B an B Bugle.  We stopped at Colgate Licks, a favorite stop on the Montana drive, and walked a bit.  We saw some deer drinking out of the licks and ate a picnic dinner.  All of my boys were a little motion sick from the drive.  Thank goodness for Dramamine.  

We finally got to my Aunt Velma's house around 8:00.  She likes to decorate with bear motif.  Talvyn in his dry-wittedness said , "so I guess she likes bears...creepy."  We stayed up late looking at scrapbooks and asking my aunt stories.  I cherish that.  She showed me many pictures, but one struck me... it was a picture of my Grandma who was so tall and beautiful.  She said that my Grandpa used to brag that he could use both of his hands to fit around her waist (until the last child was born which was the eighth).  Trevor and I slept in Aunt Velma's guest bedroom that was furnished with my Grandma's bedroom set.  I recognized it as soon as I walked in (even though it has been over twenty years since I have seen it).  She then pulled out some of Grandma's quilt pieces to show me which brought back a sensory memory.  The pieces still smelled of Grandma's house (post Grandpa's smoking) and I had pangs of missing.  I really wish that I had known her better.  I am grateful that I have gotten closer to my aunts the past few years as I feel that I finding out about her (and Grandpa) through them.

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DeAnna said...

I loved stopping at Colgate Licks!