Sunday, July 1, 2012

Montana Trip- Day 2

 My Aunties...Viola, Vanetta and Velma.
 My first time in a bar...oops!  Aunt Vanetta's Adult Rec Room in her house.  Cracked me and the hubby up (me in a bar) and then Talvyn just stood at the door asking what was so funny.  I was able to visit my Aunt Viola's home also.  I loved seeing the family hand-me-downs.  After visiting their homes Talvyn said, "so I think I figured them out.  The first one likes bears, the second one likes ships, the sea and Coco Cola and the last one like cartoons and cats."  It was cute.  I also have to make note that my Aunt Velma doesn't like help in the kitchen.  Hmmm, family trait...I work best alone.
 We visited Hamilton which is about 45 minutes from Missoula.  Aunt Viola bought us some picnic food (we are grateful) and we toured a great mansion.  Trevor's mom, grandmother and aunts visited it last year and I really wanted to tour it.  We were not allowed to take pictures inside (bummer).
 Family picture taken on the front steps.
 Waiting for the tour to begin.  It was over an hour and that was without showing us the third floor.  We were able to tour it ourselves after the tour concluded.  Our children were honestly amazing on this tour.  The were so well behaved and never ran off.  The tour guide commented on it and had the gift shop offer them candy to which Talv and Dax declined, making the gift shop lady think that they were even better than they really are.  It was a little out of the ordinary so I though I should note it for future reference.
 This was just off of the sunroom.  Off the sunroom was the trophy room (a man's mans room).

 Me and the family walking the beautiful grounds.
There was a lawn and then gardens.  Daxtyn is sitting on the steps that go down to the gardens.  It was so beautiful.
The play house was a four room house with a bathroom.  It was bigger than my house now.  My kids now have dreams of Grandpa Fuhrmann adding on to our house.

The gardens then turned into more lawn.  It was a beautiful view.  After we finished our tour, we had a picnic at the Kiwanis Park in Hamilton.  Then we drove to Aunt Vanetta's for a bathroom break and then finished the drive to Aunt Velma's.  She then made everyone dinner.  I was able to see my cousin Crystal (it has been over 15 years), my cousin JoJo, meet Troy's girlfriend and see her cute pregnant belly (housing a little girl) and meet Crystal's boyfriend.  We then left after dinner and drove to Charlo to stay with Uncle Dale and Aunt Ann.  Ann had made us yummy cookies which were a recipe from my Grandma (I loved these little details that just crept up the entire trip).

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