Sunday, July 1, 2012

Montana Trip- Day 3

Yay! Another car ride. We are so jazzed to be in the van driving again. This family trip has mostly been driving and then some more driving. The epic hero took his odyssey mostly by boat or raft, we, on the other hand, took our odyssey in an Odyssey!

If we speed into that tunnel ahead, the evil spies in the helicopter behind us won't be able to follow!

 Destination: Way up there.

Going to the Sun Highway. Suck it pioneers! We have paved roads across mountain tops. Oh and don't forget the gift shop and bathrooms with running water at the very top.
Going to the Sun roadside attractions: waterfalls on one side, dizzying drop-offs on the other. 
Yeah baby! We made it to the top.

I'm glad somebody else shoveled the walks!

 Snow art at the top of Going to the Sun: art design by Trevor, snow rolling by Talvyn and Daxtyn.

The famous "weeping wall". Were the mountains sad to see us leave or happy to watch us go?

The only part of the trip Trevor actually planned was this roadside attraction. The mystery of the vortex has puzzled tourists for decades. The really mystery: was it worth $10 per person?

The first obvious evidence that nature is freaky here: the swirling vortex causes trees to grow at strange angles! 

In the first photograph Dana and Trevor are almost even in height, but then in the second photograph they've switched sides and the height difference is obvious. That's no trick of photography folks. That's the mysterious power of the vortex at work.

Yes, that broom is standing by itself! Witchcraft or the power of the vortex? You decide.

Egad! These marbles roll uphill! (Though Grandpa Fuhrmann spoiled the fun by running outside to grab a level used in an earlier demonstration to prove the optical illusion. Sheesh, what a nonbeliever.) 

"I'm no optical illusion."

The slanted House of Mystery. Our next house has to be built on a vortex.  

The golden door in the forest. Once you pass through, you see the only really important thing in life. (Go pay your own $10 if you want to know.)

The Labyrinth of Enlightenment. Just follow the path, freeing your mind of all thoughts. By the time you reach the center, you will have achieved a higher level of mystic mentality.

Here's another look at the House of Mystery. Talvyn barely escaped the clutches of the vortex's pull!

I can't remember what our guide said about these two poles and the vortex, but I do remember Talvyn did the same optical illusion for his 1st grade science project. Is the whole House of Mystery vortex tour a hoax? Or is Talvyn a prodigy of vortex power?

Good grief! After the tour we discovered that the vortex had shrunk us all! 

Watch out below! 

After a long day of exploring the mysteries of nature,  the boys fall asleep in their cozy hotel bunk beds.


trudy Williams said...

I Enjoyed enjoying your Montana trip through your blog!! What fun! Glad I can share some of it through pictures and your comments. Tell us more when you come. I have been to some...Lolo for sure and I think the Sun highway. Love Trudy

DeAnna said...

I remember going there as a kid. Were you born yet? I totally remember being captivated by it!