Monday, July 2, 2012

Montana Trip- Day 4

Our hotel was in Whitefish, MT at a ski resort.  In the morning we decided to try the Alpine Slide.  Talvyn was a bit nervous by the ski lift to get back up to the top.  This was the highlight of the trip for the boys.

 We had to stop at the Ronan Dairy Queen to get ice cream.  My dad always took us there as kids.

 We went to the gravesite of my grandparents and Aunt Gini.  I almost started to cry when my father knelt down and began quietly weeding his mother's headstone.
 This was the Cafe where my Aunt Velma worked for years.  I remember stopping here often to visit her and to eat.  I used to love the buffalo burgers here.
 The Charlo grocery store.
 Tiny's bar...still reaks  (my cousin Joel said it stinks of urine so bad on the inside he doesn't know how anyone can drink there.)
 The Branding Iron...the other bar in town.  The old log building burnt to the ground a while back.
 My grandma's house in town.  She didn't live here too long, but it still holds memories.
 The old LDS church building.  I think it is apartments now.

 Charlo school.

 I never realized how much work my Aunt Ann puts into her yard.  It is so beautiful and the flowers are  exquisite.  I also noticed that it took a lot of work for me to find a weed in her gardens.


The Fuhrmann's said...

Thank you for posting this, Dana! I really miss Montana a lot and hope to go up there when I can. :) It really did stir up some memories, and oh so sweet how Dad started to weed Grandma's headstone. :)

DeAnna said...

This brought back a lot of memories. Thank you for posting these pictures. I need to take my kids up there. You almost started to cry about Dad weeding Grandma's headstone? I did and I wasn't even there! Ann's yard is always gorgeous!!!

Dina said...

I'm with you DeAnna. I started to cry too when I read about Dad weeding Grandma's headstone. I want to go visit too!

Viola said...

count me in for crying also