Monday, July 2, 2012

Montana Trip- Day 5

 The Mission Mountains.
 Perry Hill (my mom's family) with the C for Charlo.
 Squaw Tit (nice name for a mountain).
 My boys had so much fun with these little pop guns.  They shot birds all weekend.

 The old farmhouse hasn't really changed in all these years (over 20).  The outhouse was missing and the large garden wasn't there.
 Roller coaster road.  I loved riding on this road when I was a kid.
 The National Bison Range.

 People are willing to do crazy things to get a picture.  This fence wasn't that sturdy.
 The view of the Flathead Valley.
 The Wagon Wheel gift shop just outside of the park entrance.  We picked up shirts for the boys and rattlesnake eggs.
 The little restaurant across the street and Moiese mechantile.
 We stopped at Collgate Licks on the way home and went on the nature trail.  We saw a lot of cedars.
 Grandma and Grandpa went with us and Grandpa drove almost the entire trip.
 The Licks (hotsprings).
We also stopped at the Lolo Pass and visited the gift shop.  We got two books for the boys about the area (Mailing May and Seaman's Journal).  We stopped at A & W on the way home for dinner.  We arrived home around midnight.  It was a nice trip.

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DeAnna said...

I loved the roller coaster road too! I always knew that we were close to Grandma and Grandpa's when we were on that road. The old farmhouse doesn't look as kept up as when Grandpa did the yard and garden. Love the Bison Range with the rattlesnake eggs!!!