Sunday, July 1, 2012

Setting Camp

I have officially been coaching at the varsity level for 10 years (I took two years off while teaching 3rd grade).  I have been at it long enough that some of my former players are now coaching.  Cheyenne was one of my players in Grangeville and she is now coaching at the rival school Prairie High.  She visited me when I was at the state tournament and we talked about setting camps.  I went up to Cottonwood and did a one day setting clinic.  It was a lot of fun and I love seeing this young woman, all grown up and running a successful program of her own.  I am so proud of her.


DeAnna said...

Way to go Dana! But did anyone tell you that you look like you are as old as your former student! :)

The Fuhrmann's said...

Personally, I think Dana looks younger than her former student! :)