Sunday, November 17, 2013

Getting excited for Addowyn.

 Talvyn's message to his unborn sister. She has a lot to live up to and he needs to keep working on his spelling skills.
Here is Talvyn working those abs on the WiiFit U. Playing the Wii U as a family is a fun activity. Unfortunately, Dana cannot participate in these types of ab toning games. See below:
Here is Dana at 31 or so weeks. Imagine the photo above reversed: one evening Daxtyn said, "Mom, do you know what you look like? You look like the capital letter 'B.'" Now those are some spelling skills!

Daxtyn: Student of the month

Daxtyn was student of the month for October.  He has been pretty pleased with himself.  He even stated, "of course I got it, I always do what is right."  Pretty confident little boy who according to his teacher NEVER speaks out of turn but will answer her questions.  He loves learning and sings tons of alphabet songs, continuously counts (by two, odds, evens, fives, tens), he has begun to add and subtract.  He is learning lots of sight words and really "can't wait to read big boys books."

Here's a quick Daxtynism. One day last week Daxtyn was helping his mother make dinner. They were making chicken enchiladas, but Daxtyn didn't know it. He only saw the chicken, cheese, and tortillas and told his mom that these were his favorite foods. He was very excited for dinner. But then, when dinner began, a finished enchilada was placed on his plate. He looked at it in anger and said, "What is this toxic waste made out of all my favorite foods!"

Talvyn: student of the month

 This was my awesome Mother's Day card from Talvyn.  It read: To My Mother (I love you xoxox; thank you for making food with a picture of his favorite Shepherd's pie.).  Pritty, Nice, Awsum, Cool (other type), Amasing.  On the Pritty page he wrote: My mother taught me to ride a bike.  My Mother always says clean your room.  On the Nice page:  My mom makes me happy!  My mom looks good in black.  My mother's favorite food is ______.  My mom thinks I am hansum.  On the Awsum page:  My mom is betiful.  My mom goes crazy wene I don't clean the room.  Thank you for making food for me.  I hope we'll be together forever.  On the cool page:  My mother is crazy for turtle (candy).  I'm so glad my mother loves me.  My mother helps cooks.  My mother always _________.  On the amasing page:  I LOVE you!  You are amasing!  (He made a LOVE stamp out of an eraser at school and stamped the word LOVE a few times.)
 Talvyn earned the student of the month award last March for Carberry School as a 2nd grader.  I found the award on my dresser and thought that I better blog about it before I throw it away.
Talvyn earned the Marvelous Musician award for Carberry in April of last school year.  He actually hated music this year, so the award was a little ironic.

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Life in October, a summary in the form of a list:
  • Going to work
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Never being caught up with school work
  • Volleyball ending - too soon
  • Being exhausted
  • Throwing up (just Daxtyn so far)
  • Being pregnant (just Dana)
  • Shattering an iPad (the one owned by IACS)
A commentary:
  • At least we have jobs! We get along with our co-workers and feel that our jobs are secure. 
  • Sleep is for the weak! 
  • Free time is for the weak!
  • Dana's team was weak! Ha... Actually, they did get one win, and it was a good one against Middleton. Unfortunately, they were not able to maintain a last season push and lost the play-in game against Columbia to get into the district tournament. They improved all year and were very competitive. Her team had four seniors, but the core of the team was very young and inexperienced. Dana has said that practices were often at the 8th grade level knowledge-wise. Next year they drop to the 3A size and should do much better. And, now that late nights away at volleyball are over, there might be more time to get caught up on some of that work and to get to bed earlier.
  • See previous note.
  • Daxtyn has never thrown up so much, but he is very good-spirited. Hopefully the rest of us can stay healthy, especially Dana.
  • Dana has 78 days to go. She looks beautiful, but is very self-conscious and uncomfortable. Ask her about getting stuck in a bathroom stall :)
  • The iPad was no match for a short fall to the hard pavement of a parking lot.  Luckily, Gaduru in Nampa will replace the glass for a little over $100 which is far better than having to replace the whole iPad. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

106 Days Ago

Life. Life is busy, busier than we'd like, and expectant.  We're excited for baby Addowyn, no one more than her mom, who hates being pregnant (exhaustion and a partially torn ligament in one leg make every day a test), but loves the idea of a little girl on the way. There is already a lacy, puffy white blessing dress hanging in one closet and a little "take her home from the hospital" outfit from Old Navy hanging in the other closet.
Other than the obvious elephant in the room (heh), life is school and work (and work is school). And volleyball: the team hasn't been winning as expected, but is improving as hoped. Grandma Fuhrmann is always there for the boys. Trevor is able to support Dana at every match thanks to her. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Daxtyn's first day of kindergarten

Daxtyn was ready and excited to finally go to school like his brother.

About 4-5 months along.

Teacher/coach pregnant Dana.

Dressed up pregnant Dana.

Family Camping

We went camping with Dana's parents and our nephew Drew before volleyball tryouts. Grandpa and Grandma Fuhrmann went up early with the three boys to set up camp and we followed after Dana finished work. They found a nice spot next to the river near Brownlee Reservoir. We cooked tin foil dinners and played by the river. Unfortunately the dutch oven cobbler burned, but there were plenty of cookies for dessert.  The next day we drove north to where the road ends and Hell's Canyon begins.  We explored the visitor's center and boat launch area and fixed a flat tire. Lunch was at a diner in Cambridge which had great hamburgers and fry sauce. On the drive home we saw a black bear! Outside of Yellowstone Park, we couldn't remember ever seeing a bear running around in the wild. We're not big campers (at all) so this was our family's fist actual camping trip together. It was also our last little hurrah before everyone went back to school and work.  

Sunday, August 11, 2013

August begins

Summers can be great for teachers. Even though Dana felt ill most of the time, it was nice not to feel rushed and overwhelmed (common feelings during the school year). Now, at the beginning of August we can sense the impending start of work and school. Volleyball tryouts are soon and Dana has already dealt with a few of the usual problems. For example, "I can't make it to tryouts. Do you think you could hold a private tryout for me?" Yeah right, maybe if you were Logan Tom's little sister!

A funny story is told about Daxtyn. Apparently the night we went to DeAnna's hospital for an informal ultrasound, Daxtyn asked his uncle how we knew the baby might be a girl: it could just be a boy with long hair! Assuming this baby is actually a girl, I'm sure Daxtyn will have a better idea and the discussion will be easier the first time he sees a diaper change this January.

Dana spent last week at our ward's girl's camp. She was definitely not looking forward to it. Sure enough, it was cold at night, dirty, and uncomfortable. On the other hand, she was able to speak to some girls that needed her counsel and because of her condition, everyone tended to baby her. They had a great camp cook so the food was good and on the second night, she was able to sleep in a camper instead of the tent. Not only that, Dana wasn't even the sickest person up there. There were plenty of prayers said in her behalf back home and they were answered.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Heritage Wall

Here is Dana's wall decoration project finally completed! We had empty picture frames next to the mirror for months.

Talvyn's Testimony

Talvyn bore his testimony in sacrament meeting for the first time this summer. We were visiting Grandpa and Grandma Williams and we were in Leslie Ward. He felt shaky and anxious and his mom told him that's how she feels when she needs to bare her testimony. He decided that he would, but he wanted to write it down first.

Little farmers

Earlier this summer we visited Grandpa Williams' farm. Heston and his family were also there. Talvyn and the kids found a pile of spilt grain seed in the shed and they came up with the brilliant idea to plant it. What else do you do with seeds anyway? Grandma sent us this picture. Apparently it's the second crop as she already tried to dig out their grain the first time it sprouted in her yard by the swing.

Kolter's Blessing

It was Kolter's blessing day on Sunday. We spent the weekend with Wrangler, Jesica, and Kolter. Grandpa and Grandma Williams also made it.  There was lots of food and visiting as usual. It is great that Kolter is not constantly tethered to his oxygen hose. He still must be hooked up to it at night along with a monitor, but he spent all of Sunday free of cables and cords.

Williams Reunion 2013

This year for our annual Brett and Trudy Williams reunion we headed to Utah. It was Heston's turn to lead. Garrett and his family were not able to come down from Anchorage of course, but Grandpa and Grandma were able to visit them and see baby Declan. They arrived back in Utah just in time for the reunion. Wrangler and Heston went golfing Friday morning and that afternoon they set up a long strip of plastic on a hill in a park. The city let them have water and they made a gigantic slip and slide. We arrived at Heston's house after our long drive just after they were getting back and cleaning up.

That evening was spent visiting and eating hamburgers and hotdogs. The cousins had fun playing upstairs and jumping on the trampoline. We stayed that night with Tiffany and Aaron a long with Grandpa and Grandma Williams. Tiffany and Aaron just got a new bed, so Tyler inherited their old one. We got to sleep in his room and it was a much nicer sleep than usual due to the king size bed. One should never underestimate the importance of a good mattress.

On Saturday we all met at the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City. Trevor hadn't been since he was very young with his parents, and Dana, Talvyn, and Daxtyn had never been. Luckily, we had some cloud cover, sprinkles of rain, and cooler temperatures so the day was bearable. Daxtyn still wanted to be carried by the end of the visit. We enjoyed seeing the elephants, rhinos, polar bear, and gorillas since Zoo Boise does not have those. The boys were almost as impressed (maybe more so) by the Lego crated animals on display here and there throughout the zoo.  Lunch was at the This is the Place park. Dana had never been and Trevor was just a kid the last time he visited with his parents.

That afternoon was spent at Tiffany's house just hanging out. The kids played in the back yard in a small pool. At one point they were using a smaller pool as a raft inside the bigger pool. The Williams cousins all seem to have fun together. Later that night, Dana was on the phone with her sister DeAnna who invited us to her hospital for an impromptu ultrasound. Dana was beyond excited. Everyone knows how badly she wants a girl this time. Even Talvyn and Daxtyn want a sister. Dana was understandably nervous as we met up with DeAnna and her three girls to go to the hospital. Well, it's by no means official, but it looks like a girl. We'll find out for sure on August 21 when we go in for her doctor appointment. It was a fun night ultrasounding, gabbing with DeAnna and her girls, and touring DeAnna's hospital.

On Sunday we went to DeAnna's ward since it had the most convenient time and then headed back to Heston's for lunch. Grandma and Grandpa Williams had already returned home Saturday night so it was just all their kids visiting on Sunday.  It was another fun reunion.

Kolter grabbed pretty much everyone's attention, including all of his cousins'.

Talvyn's Birthday

Talvyn turned 9 this year! He received Animal Crossing for his 3DS which has become his new obsession. He is learning about economics, finances, leadership, and social interactions from a video game. Of course if it were truly life-like it wouldn't be so much fun. He didn't want a birthday cake this year. He wanted Grandpa's Cookies (our name for no-bake oatmeal cookies). Only Wrangler and Jesica were around for the treats so there was plenty for all with leftovers for the next day.

Earlier in the day we went to Despicable Me 2 with Grandma and Grandpa Fuhrmann and Daesha and Drew. Grandpa had a nice $10 nap inside the theater. Afterwards, we took everyone to lunch at Tucano's.

Dana's Birthday

This year Dana was too sick to do anything on her birthday. She laid on the couch and read or threw up. For a birthday cake she had a single candle stuck in a wedge of freshly cut watermelon. She received some Kindle money and the promise of a little shopping spree when she felt better.

The next day, she did feel better so we drove to the Cheesecake Factory for her annual birthday treat, just a day late. We did some girl shopping and found some shoes and a couple of skirts that even a girl of expanding belly can be comfortable wearing.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dana Pregnant!

We are so excited for the new little addition to our family coming in January! Just look at the excitement in Dana's face. Yes, she celebrates her pregnancy nearly every day with nausea and exhaustion. She has become close and personal with the toilet again after five years of a more casual relationship. It's not all bad though, she has developed super senses akin to Wolverine's! She can now smell someone's bad breath or a rotten bit of food in the garbage from a mile away, and then the toilet gets another visit.

4th of July 2013

For the 4th of July we stayed with Darrec and Tiniel and then went to Grandpa and Grandma Williams' house. Heston and Nicole were also out.  On Sunday we visited Blaine, Michelle, Jace, Britney, Sarah, Grandpa Williams and Grandma Stewart. We stopped by Jeremy and Heather's house on Monday on the way home. We finished that evening by visiting Wrangler, Jesica and Kolter.
At Darrec and Tiniel's we visited and ate good food among other things. Trevor rode in their new Kia Forte. Trevor gave Andrea a box of his old GameCube games which were tough to give up, but with nothing to play them on, it made sense to give them a new home. The boys had fun playing with Eli. Talvyn talked 3DS with Andrea. We didn't go anywhere for fireworks, but the boys had a blast with sparklers and other roadside stand fireworks.
In Darlington, we rode 4-wheelers as we helped Grandpa. We turned off a new pivot in the upper potato cellar field and then played by the canal where the pressure release pipe blasted water and carved into the opposite bank. The boys and Trevor helped change a few wheel lines the next morning and that afternoon we all drove up to the swinging tree. Daxtyn swung once, but did not like it at all. That night we ate outside and shot off more roadside fireworks. A piece of shrapnel hit Dana on the head. Daxtyn took to wearing a fedora-type hat all day. He was a mini-Indianna Jones. The kids enjoyed playing with each other as usual and Talvyn even came up with the ambitious idea of cleaning out the salt shed to make a playhouse. They actually spent quite a while cleaning it.
On Sunday, Talvyn was fasting for his little sibling on the way and for Kolter. During sacrament meeting he felt like baring his testimony. Trevor stood to get the microphone for him, but an old, deaf woman started talking after he had already begun so he quickly stopped and sent the microphone up to her with the deacon. He got it back afterwards though and Talvyn had his chance. He had written his testimony down and read from his paper. Even though time was up, Talvyn had inspired his grandmother to also stand. This was Talvyn's first public testimony.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Daxtyn's Train Ride

On June 15, we got our train ride.  We rode on the snack car on the way up.  We had dinner at Banks and walked around the area.  Then we rode back to Horseshoebend.  We had good food, got mooned by three different rafters that were on the river and enjoyed the pretty scenery.  Daxtyn can now say that he has ridden a real train.