Sunday, July 21, 2013

4th of July 2013

For the 4th of July we stayed with Darrec and Tiniel and then went to Grandpa and Grandma Williams' house. Heston and Nicole were also out.  On Sunday we visited Blaine, Michelle, Jace, Britney, Sarah, Grandpa Williams and Grandma Stewart. We stopped by Jeremy and Heather's house on Monday on the way home. We finished that evening by visiting Wrangler, Jesica and Kolter.
At Darrec and Tiniel's we visited and ate good food among other things. Trevor rode in their new Kia Forte. Trevor gave Andrea a box of his old GameCube games which were tough to give up, but with nothing to play them on, it made sense to give them a new home. The boys had fun playing with Eli. Talvyn talked 3DS with Andrea. We didn't go anywhere for fireworks, but the boys had a blast with sparklers and other roadside stand fireworks.
In Darlington, we rode 4-wheelers as we helped Grandpa. We turned off a new pivot in the upper potato cellar field and then played by the canal where the pressure release pipe blasted water and carved into the opposite bank. The boys and Trevor helped change a few wheel lines the next morning and that afternoon we all drove up to the swinging tree. Daxtyn swung once, but did not like it at all. That night we ate outside and shot off more roadside fireworks. A piece of shrapnel hit Dana on the head. Daxtyn took to wearing a fedora-type hat all day. He was a mini-Indianna Jones. The kids enjoyed playing with each other as usual and Talvyn even came up with the ambitious idea of cleaning out the salt shed to make a playhouse. They actually spent quite a while cleaning it.
On Sunday, Talvyn was fasting for his little sibling on the way and for Kolter. During sacrament meeting he felt like baring his testimony. Trevor stood to get the microphone for him, but an old, deaf woman started talking after he had already begun so he quickly stopped and sent the microphone up to her with the deacon. He got it back afterwards though and Talvyn had his chance. He had written his testimony down and read from his paper. Even though time was up, Talvyn had inspired his grandmother to also stand. This was Talvyn's first public testimony.

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