Monday, July 15, 2013

Hike at Jump Creek

Talvyn had to do three hikes to earn his Leave No Trace merit badge for scouts.  Emmett did not have school on a random Friday in April, so we called Grandpa Fuhrmann to see if he wanted to go for a hike.  We packed water and snacks and headed to Jump Creek.  We stopped at Kholes on the way to use some Kholes cash.  We ended up spending $1.60 on two hats and a tie.  We then found Jump Creek.  We hiked, had snacks, watched some eagles soar and then went to lunch at Golden Corral.  While in the bathroom stall Daxtyn screamed, "hey, big fat lady!"  He didn't know that there was a larger woman in the bathroom washing her hands as he yelled it.  It was a really embarrassing moment for his mother who had to smile and say sorry to the lady before she stormed out of the bathroom.

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