Friday, July 12, 2013

Independence Day 2012

Yes, I do not that this is a year old and that we are now in the year 2013.  I am going to take the time to record our super hectic busy lives from the past year.

Last year we went to visit Darrec and Tiniel's house for a quick visit.  She took some family photos that I will post for our Christmas post.  We visited and Tiniel fed us great food (sounds like what we are going to do in 2013).  We then went to Mackay to visit Trevor's family.  Garret and Larissa were there are well as Heston and Nicole.  The cousins had a blast. They got candy at the Arco parade (we sat across the street from other cousins).  They swam in Great Aunt Tauna Lee's swimming pool and had a fantastic looking cake for Katelyn's birthday.  They went on four wheeler rides and tractor rides.  They hiked up to where Daddy proposed to Mommy (the chalk sign was still faintly there).  They visited Great Grandma Williams' new headstone.  They played in the water.  They ate popsicles and watch the cement crew pour Grandma's new stairs for her front patio.

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