Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Fun 2012

We built a pirate ship out of legos.

We participated in the local library reading program.  We had to make animalistic dioramas and earned ribbons from the Gem County 4H fair.  We also won a free pool pass, bowling pass, and some other stuff (pencils, disposable toys, etc.)  We hated that mom made us read during the summer.

 We found that garbage can lids make fantastic shields and can keep you dry under the sprinkler.

 We visited the aquarium in Boise and were able to feed the sharks and pet the rays.

We made forts in our bedroom, living room, kitchen and Mom and Dad's room.

We found some treasures that Dad drew for Grandpa Stewart.  Grandpa kept them until he died and Grandma Stewart gave them to us before she moved from the old farmhouse.

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