Sunday, August 11, 2013

August begins

Summers can be great for teachers. Even though Dana felt ill most of the time, it was nice not to feel rushed and overwhelmed (common feelings during the school year). Now, at the beginning of August we can sense the impending start of work and school. Volleyball tryouts are soon and Dana has already dealt with a few of the usual problems. For example, "I can't make it to tryouts. Do you think you could hold a private tryout for me?" Yeah right, maybe if you were Logan Tom's little sister!

A funny story is told about Daxtyn. Apparently the night we went to DeAnna's hospital for an informal ultrasound, Daxtyn asked his uncle how we knew the baby might be a girl: it could just be a boy with long hair! Assuming this baby is actually a girl, I'm sure Daxtyn will have a better idea and the discussion will be easier the first time he sees a diaper change this January.

Dana spent last week at our ward's girl's camp. She was definitely not looking forward to it. Sure enough, it was cold at night, dirty, and uncomfortable. On the other hand, she was able to speak to some girls that needed her counsel and because of her condition, everyone tended to baby her. They had a great camp cook so the food was good and on the second night, she was able to sleep in a camper instead of the tent. Not only that, Dana wasn't even the sickest person up there. There were plenty of prayers said in her behalf back home and they were answered.

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