Sunday, September 22, 2013

106 Days Ago

Life. Life is busy, busier than we'd like, and expectant.  We're excited for baby Addowyn, no one more than her mom, who hates being pregnant (exhaustion and a partially torn ligament in one leg make every day a test), but loves the idea of a little girl on the way. There is already a lacy, puffy white blessing dress hanging in one closet and a little "take her home from the hospital" outfit from Old Navy hanging in the other closet.
Other than the obvious elephant in the room (heh), life is school and work (and work is school). And volleyball: the team hasn't been winning as expected, but is improving as hoped. Grandma Fuhrmann is always there for the boys. Trevor is able to support Dana at every match thanks to her. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Daxtyn's first day of kindergarten

Daxtyn was ready and excited to finally go to school like his brother.

About 4-5 months along.

Teacher/coach pregnant Dana.

Dressed up pregnant Dana.

Family Camping

We went camping with Dana's parents and our nephew Drew before volleyball tryouts. Grandpa and Grandma Fuhrmann went up early with the three boys to set up camp and we followed after Dana finished work. They found a nice spot next to the river near Brownlee Reservoir. We cooked tin foil dinners and played by the river. Unfortunately the dutch oven cobbler burned, but there were plenty of cookies for dessert.  The next day we drove north to where the road ends and Hell's Canyon begins.  We explored the visitor's center and boat launch area and fixed a flat tire. Lunch was at a diner in Cambridge which had great hamburgers and fry sauce. On the drive home we saw a black bear! Outside of Yellowstone Park, we couldn't remember ever seeing a bear running around in the wild. We're not big campers (at all) so this was our family's fist actual camping trip together. It was also our last little hurrah before everyone went back to school and work.