Sunday, October 20, 2013


Life in October, a summary in the form of a list:
  • Going to work
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Never being caught up with school work
  • Volleyball ending - too soon
  • Being exhausted
  • Throwing up (just Daxtyn so far)
  • Being pregnant (just Dana)
  • Shattering an iPad (the one owned by IACS)
A commentary:
  • At least we have jobs! We get along with our co-workers and feel that our jobs are secure. 
  • Sleep is for the weak! 
  • Free time is for the weak!
  • Dana's team was weak! Ha... Actually, they did get one win, and it was a good one against Middleton. Unfortunately, they were not able to maintain a last season push and lost the play-in game against Columbia to get into the district tournament. They improved all year and were very competitive. Her team had four seniors, but the core of the team was very young and inexperienced. Dana has said that practices were often at the 8th grade level knowledge-wise. Next year they drop to the 3A size and should do much better. And, now that late nights away at volleyball are over, there might be more time to get caught up on some of that work and to get to bed earlier.
  • See previous note.
  • Daxtyn has never thrown up so much, but he is very good-spirited. Hopefully the rest of us can stay healthy, especially Dana.
  • Dana has 78 days to go. She looks beautiful, but is very self-conscious and uncomfortable. Ask her about getting stuck in a bathroom stall :)
  • The iPad was no match for a short fall to the hard pavement of a parking lot.  Luckily, Gaduru in Nampa will replace the glass for a little over $100 which is far better than having to replace the whole iPad. 

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