Sunday, November 17, 2013

Daxtyn: Student of the month

Daxtyn was student of the month for October.  He has been pretty pleased with himself.  He even stated, "of course I got it, I always do what is right."  Pretty confident little boy who according to his teacher NEVER speaks out of turn but will answer her questions.  He loves learning and sings tons of alphabet songs, continuously counts (by two, odds, evens, fives, tens), he has begun to add and subtract.  He is learning lots of sight words and really "can't wait to read big boys books."

Here's a quick Daxtynism. One day last week Daxtyn was helping his mother make dinner. They were making chicken enchiladas, but Daxtyn didn't know it. He only saw the chicken, cheese, and tortillas and told his mom that these were his favorite foods. He was very excited for dinner. But then, when dinner began, a finished enchilada was placed on his plate. He looked at it in anger and said, "What is this toxic waste made out of all my favorite foods!"

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