Sunday, November 17, 2013

Talvyn: student of the month

 This was my awesome Mother's Day card from Talvyn.  It read: To My Mother (I love you xoxox; thank you for making food with a picture of his favorite Shepherd's pie.).  Pritty, Nice, Awsum, Cool (other type), Amasing.  On the Pritty page he wrote: My mother taught me to ride a bike.  My Mother always says clean your room.  On the Nice page:  My mom makes me happy!  My mom looks good in black.  My mother's favorite food is ______.  My mom thinks I am hansum.  On the Awsum page:  My mom is betiful.  My mom goes crazy wene I don't clean the room.  Thank you for making food for me.  I hope we'll be together forever.  On the cool page:  My mother is crazy for turtle (candy).  I'm so glad my mother loves me.  My mother helps cooks.  My mother always _________.  On the amasing page:  I LOVE you!  You are amasing!  (He made a LOVE stamp out of an eraser at school and stamped the word LOVE a few times.)
 Talvyn earned the student of the month award last March for Carberry School as a 2nd grader.  I found the award on my dresser and thought that I better blog about it before I throw it away.
Talvyn earned the Marvelous Musician award for Carberry in April of last school year.  He actually hated music this year, so the award was a little ironic.

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