Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Pregnant Dana - Almost there!

Only two weeks to go. 

Family Christmas Portrait 2013

Merry Christmas 2013. 

Gingerbread House

The boys made this gingerbread house before Christmas with a kit. Then, with Christmas over, it was time to demolish / devour it. Actually, the gingerbread was solid as cement so after this photo we threw it away and ate fudge instead!

Christmas 2013

Christmas was fun again this year. Dana barely slept Christmas night eve, but unfortunately it was not from excitement, but from feeling sick and general pregnancy discomfort. Talvyn woke up at 6:00 and we were happy to get up too as we had both already been awake. Talvyn tried to wake up Daxtyn, but he didn't want to at first. Finally Talvyn told the still mostly asleep Daxtyn that a certian video game might be out in the living room for Christmas and Daxtyn popped right up. Dana wanted to just lie down, but we cruelly made her sit up so we could open presents. It was mostly a video game Christmas. Mario, Luigi, Link, Rayman, and the Lego Marvel heroes came for the WiiU and 3DS. Daxtyn was especially happy to get his own 2DS. He kissed the box. "Now I don't have to be jealous of my brother!" he exclaimed. Dana got clothes that she wont' even be able to wear until the baby comes and a silver necklace with a charm with her children's names engraved. Having Addowyn engraved in silver means there is no way to change the name now. Talvyn also got a couple of books. He loves the Origami Yoda series and got the one he was missing. He also got a book by Neil Gaiman called Fortunately, the Milk which he had read by the next day. We didn't go anywhere for Christmas this year. Breakfast was cinnamon rolls and cheesy eggs with orange juice and milk. Christmas dinner was ham and mashed potatoes. We spent the afternoon relaxing, playing new games, and Facetiming with the Fuhrmann grandparents who were staying in Utah and the Willams grandparents in Darlington. In fact, being off from work and school, we really didn't do much for the next two days. Sometimes it is nice to just not go, go, go like usual.

Getting Ready for Christmas

We decorated for Christmas during Thanksgiving break this year. Look at that green grass outside the window! We use the same Christmas tree given to us by Great Grandma Stewart that she used for many years. It should be over 40 years old or more. Some pieces of the tree are barely hanging on, but we continue to use it. We decorate it with bows and ribbons Dana saved from our wedding reception. The boys get to take some Christmas lights to their room too. They make for a festive night light. 

Playing in the Snow 2013

Snow fell in December and the boys had to get out and play in it. Quite a bit of snow fell the Friday night beginning Christmas break. It did not snow again, but the winter has been cold and it was a white Christmas. Talvyn and Daxtyn have also been sledding at Grandpa and Grandma Fuhrmann's house a couple of times. Despite this December snow fall, the hills are dry and the stake is asking people to fast for moisture in January. 

Grandpa's Fudge

Grandpa Fuhrmann came over to make fudge with Talvyn and Daxtyn for a family home evening before Christmas. Making fudge is a specialty of Grandpa's and eating fudge is a specialty of the boys.  They made milk chocolate fudge and peanutbutter and chocolate fudge. Grandpa made more over the next couple of weeks including cinnamon and Heath fudge. Daxtyn actually really enjoys helping out in the kitchen. Both boys helped make the fudge, but Daxtyn often helps his mother with the cooking.