Sunday, March 16, 2014

Addowyn's Blessing

Addowyn's naming and blessing was Sunday, March 2nd. Lots of family was able to come to Emmett for Addowyn's baby blessing. Heston, Nicole, Areyan, Emrey, DeAnna, Emily, Chris, Julia, Becca, Katie, Jacob, Deny, Jenn, Marek, RyAnna, Rett, Dina, Daesha, Drew, Grandpa and Grandma Williams, Grandpa and Grandma Fuhrmann, Wranger. Jesica, and Kolter all made it. Danny was not able to make it, but he had stopped by to visit us two days before. We ate soup and rolls Saturday night at the stake center. After some scheduling stress trying to reserve the downtown building, Bishop Brinkerhoff solved our dilemma and reserved the kitchen/multi-purpose room of the stake center for us. We just needed to be out before 7:00 because of stake baptisms. We had fun visiting with family and the kids had a great time playing in the empty church. The next day Addowyn's naming and blessing went well. She wore her beautiful white dress and was very pleasant for the blessing itself. People had to leave soon after church to make it home, but we were able to visit some more after sacrament meeting. Addowyn is blessed to be part of a great family. 

Brotherly Love and Adoration

Our boys are thoroughly smitten with their new sister.  I have heard them both say, "have no fear big brother is here."  Sometimes they feel like they can calm her down when mom can't.  Talvyn likes to change diapers, carry her around and sing her songs like "I am a Child of God" and "Not While I'm Around" from Sweeny Todd.  Daxtyn loves to hug and kiss and kiss and kiss her.  He really likes to help with picking out her outfits, giving her baths and playing.  He thinks he know what she needs all the time saying things like "she needs fed", or "mom, come and get her, she wants you" every time she makes a sound.

Talvyn Update

Talvyn received his religious knot the end of July.  He is such a good little scouter.  He recently completed his scout week badge and finished his requirements for his bear.

Talvyn had a music program at school on Friday, March 14.  The program was titled "Rise and Shine For Fun in the Sun".  Some of the songs were: Beyond the Sea, Down at the Beach, My Friends in the Sea, Wipe Out, Day-O, and Yellow Submarine.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Family Picture

Pinewood Derby

Talvyn's car is racing.

Talvyn wins his division.

Bear Champion!

The top three Wolf, Bear and Webolos winners!  Talvyn was disappointed that he lost the overall.  He went into the championship round with the fastest time, but when the champions had to race he was beat by another car.  He and Grandpa work very hard on this project every year and are already talking about next year's car.

Super bowl Sunday

The game stunk, but we had a great dinner at Grandma Fuhrmann's house complete with ham and turkey.  Talvyn got his own turkey leg.

Because it is so fun to play dress up!

Dana finally has the little girl she always wanted (i.e. living dress-up doll).  She loves the outfits and hair bows. This is just what Trevor was afraid of. Here's the worst part: Addowyn seems to like it! She's only two months old at this writing. How can an infant already show interest in fashion? Girls!

Worst Day Ever

Daxtyn had his first cavity and after he had his filling he bit his lip creating a half dollar size canker sore in his mouth.  It was painful, but not as bad as when he and Talvyn had to get the flu mist.  They had to keep clear of their sister for a couple of days since the mist is a live virus.  Talvyn and Daxtyn would just sit and stare at her and complain that it was the worst day ever because they couldn't kiss their beloved sister.  Quite a few tears were shed.

Coming Home

We came home from the hospital on Thursday, January 9.  Grandma and Grandpa Williams came to visit us on the 11th.  Grandma took the time to make some meals, clean our house and snuggle with Addowyn.  We are so grateful to be near family.  Grandma Fuhrmann made daily visits to help with the boys and mop floors.  Grandpa Fuhrmann came over to learn the IPad a little better and bring the occasional box of donuts.  It was a blessing that Dana was able to take 8 weeks off from work to stay home with Addowyn.  We had many meals brought in by friends and family.  We are extremely blessed to have such an outpouring of love showered on us.


The boys had a fun winter; wearing snow boots for about a month, building snowmen, snow forts and having one snow day this winter.

Time with Addy in the Hospital

 Addowyn had many important visitors in the hospital: the new big brothers, Talvyn and Daxtyn, Jesica, Wrangler, Kolter, Grandma Fuhrmann, Grandpa Fuhrmann, Aunt Dina, Tom, and Chuck and Di Cluff.

We spent lots of time walking the hospital halls trying to get mommy healthy again.

This was the view from our hospital room.  We spent lots of time hanging out, watching TV (Property Brothers marathon), ordering room service hospital food, slowly moving around and snuggling Addy.

Then it was time to get Addowyn dressed and take her home.  She loved getting her clothes changed.